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As leading experts on constitutional matters, CCG faculty members are frequently interviewed and publish op-eds and commentary in major outlets. Below is a sampling.

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Illegal child labor and exploitation in the United States are leading to a crisis in protecting children on the job, say two of Columbia Law’s facu

The expert on civil procedure, legislation, and anti-discrimination law is recognized for her extraordinary and creative voluntary service that sig

Metzger is one of nearly 270 members—drawn from academia, the arts, industry, policy, research, and science—elected in 2023.

Republican legislatures in purple states are passing restrictive election laws in advance of the next presidential contest—but new analysis from Co

A new podcast from Columbia Law School and the Center for Constitutional Governance, Through the Gale explores the role of lawyers in the

Jessica Bulman-Pozen discusses the 10th Amend­ment and its rela­tion­ship to feder­al­ism for the Brennan Center's series on the Bill of Rights.

Olatunde C. Johnson joins Columbia Law School faculty to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v.

In episode two of Columbia Law School’s limited-series podcast, hosted by Michael B. Gerrard, former Montana Gov.