Teaching: Seminars, Workshops, and Colloquiums

The Center for Constitutional Governance is a major contributor to public law intellectual life, organizing seminars, workshops, and colloquiums that address key constitutional issues. 

Seminar: Constitutional Governance Practicum (Fall 2017, Columbia Law)

Students in this practicum work on projects related to contemporary issues in American constitutional governance, in conjunction with partners including the New York City Law Department, the ACLU, and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The projects focus on questions of federalism, preemption, and state and local power across a range of areas, including immigration, civil rights, and firearms regulation. Students produce an array of writing, such as research memos, briefs, white papers, and independent scholarship.

Law & Religion Colloquium: Citizenship, Religion, Identity—Intensifying Conflicts and New Challenges (Spring 2018, Cardozo Law School)

Globalization and mass scale migration is challenging the powers of integration in a secular society, with religions poised to become at once major sources of integration and forces against the polity’s predominant culture. The Colloquium—co-convened by CCG-affiliated faculty Professor Jamal Greene of Columbia Law School, Professor Susanna Mancini of the University of Bologna, and Professor Michel Rosenfeld of Cardozo Law School—will bring together prominent speakers from many countries, disciplines, religious traditions, and constitutional cultures to address various challenges associated with these developments.

Public Law Workshop (Spring 2017, Columbia Law)

The Public Law Workshop exposes students to current scholarship in the public law area. It is structured around presentations of working papers by leading public law scholars, as well as accompanying seminar discussions. Recent Workshops have focused on issues such as federalism, economic inequality and the Constitution, and democratic institutions in an age of polarization.